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There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked
we can’t slow down 
we can’t hold back 
even though we wish we could, 
there ain’t no rest for the wicked 
until we close our eyes for good
Wanting to Kill
The Creeps
Down on either side
Bleeding in my mind
Waiting for the creeps
To kill my last believes

We go split before my eyes
Increase, double size
Lease out my brain
Am I ïnsane
Babe, hey babe, jar of hearts
Defeating the purpose and hangin’ on the wall
Love is the moon in the sky with a string hangin’ down
To the ground I can’t touch it
Always the silent one
Who sneaks up from behind
Closer to the end
Take my eyes, take them aside.
Take my face and desecrate my arms and legs,
they get in the way.
And take my hands, they’ll understand. 
Take my heart, pull it apart.
And take my brain, or what remains
and throw it all away
'cause I've grown tired of this body.
A cumbersome and heavy body
Groups Autogenics II
Your being merges with the garbage, 
becomes one with it, so that all your energies in this moment 
are held in awareness by the smells
Free we are from complexities.
And this becomes your reality. That’s right. 
And at any time you feel yourself weaken in any way you think the word ‘food’. 
This is your trigger word and the moment you think or say the word, 
from this very moment on, you will only eat
Lands and Bones
I hold stories of lands and bones, 
Shrouded like the way they go.
 it’s a wonder
My Suicide 03.29.1967
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