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Just as a preface, I know you know or have heard at least 6 of these already, but…they just needed to be on here. So I’ll start


Abraham’s Daughter: I’ve always sort of associated this song with feminism because I started loving it around the same time that I started critically examining things, and you were the one to get me going on a lot of that sort of stuff, and so I chose it to start out with because it’s so strong of a story, and the story it tells reminds me of so many of the things that I know you love, and love about you, so here it be.

That’s What Friends Are For: So this song is all about helping friends out and being there when they really need you, and I think that’s something that you’re really good at. You always know how to help someone through a funk, even if it just means listening to a bunch of rants.

GameGrl: does this one even need an explanation. It is…your song. You are the gamegrl.

Animal Crossing song (sorry not sure of the actual name of this sonnng): So I’m not sure of the details of this song except that it’s a theme of Animal Crossing? But it just holds that nostalgic quaint old-time-game-y sound to it. There have been plenty of times that I have hung out at your house watching you play games, sometimes participating, and so even though I personally haven’t been much of a gamer it still reminds me a lot of those times and of your love for good games.

Aspiring Fires: You always managed/still manage to bring out the rebel in peeps when it comes to group activities that are extremely standard, and making them a bit more of a good time than they might have been otherwise!

Birdhouse in Your Soul: This just reminds me of the sort of stuff you might say when we’re all hanging out being dumb and we go off on tangents about the weirdest things…they tend to sound kind of like this, I think. 

Soul Sloshing: This song seems (to me) to be a lot about positivity, it just has such a happy beat and such, and that seems to match your attitude about a lot of things!

Ana Ng: ..another vague one, it reminds me of prose that you’ve recommended (does that make any sense? maybe not.) and like. The way the lyrics are put together are really kind of poetic, but not in a flowery way, just in a cool way, and a really interesting view of the world and the stuff in it.

Monster Hospital: For all those times where you have it rough but pull through like a champ. A real trooper. You fought the war. 

Using Words to Describe The Ocean: Another poetry one. This one actually talks about writing, and wanting to write and be read by and inspire other people, which is something that you will certainly do!

Problem Solving Skillz: Well, firstly it’s by Harry and the Potters, and is from Harry Potter’s point of view. You are Harry Potter in my phone and thus it is. Also, you do have some amazing problem solving skills, and with all the mystery/puzzle solving games we’ve played ye’ve just proved it! 

People: There’s a reference to an old genius song in the beginning of this one. It just…reminds me so much of that one song, the ‘rock song’. You know. And hope, so much hope. Forgive me, I couldn’t not. BUT also this one has a really positive sound, even though it talks about bad things happening, there’s that feeling that there’s still good in the world. 

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